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How to customize your Design

In this article, we'll cover the ways to customize the appearance of your website.
With SpreadSimple, it is fast, easy, and doesn't require special skills. And the best part is that you can instantly see the changes you make.

This is what you can do to customize your website appearence:

Change the theme

In the Design Tab, you can choose between a dark or a light theme, and pick website background color.

Add Scroll to Top button

Allow your visitors to easily get back to the top of the page by adding Scroll to top button in the Design Tab:

In the header menu you can enable the header for your website and customize it by adding your logo, tagline and selecting the buttons color of your navigation menu items.

To learn more about managing navigation menu, please refer to this help article.

And you can enable the footer and add text, links, images using Markdown format.

This is how the footer will look on the website

–°ustomize the Home Page intro

Change the text and the color.

Upload your logo and cover image

You can upload the files from your computer or choose one of the Unsplash royalty-free images.

Choose the cover and cards layout

Define the size and the height of your intro section.

Also, you can customize the way your cards look, as they play a significant role in your website appearance as well.
To do that, go to the Content tab and choose the style that works best for you.

You can choose Grid or List

Add some text

There are two fields where you can place your text. They are the Description:

And the Footer:

For example, you can add your contact information here

If you want to embed your website as a widget, you can remove the intro section. To do that, you need to delete the logo, the cover image, the title, and the subtitle, and your intro section will disappear automatically.
Same works for the footer. It will be gone after you remove the text there.

Localize your website

In the Settings tab, you can choose the language of your website and customize the text in the Checkout Tab.

Change the button color

In the Content Tab, you can choose the button color in the Add button dropdown.
You can do this for the item list and the details page as well.
Click Apply to see the changes in preview.

Use Pagination

We recommend you enable Pagination in the Content Tab. Pagination has a good impact on your website appearance and performance as well, especially when there are a lot of items and elements.

Set Favicon and Preview Image

If you want your website to look nice while sharing and in social media, or brand the website appearance, you can set up a Favicon and preview image in the SEO Tab.

Tip: Need more customization? You can use your custom CSS in the Settings Tab (add your script in text style)

Updated on: 21/07/2023

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