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Adding pages and links and managing navigation

Tell more about your project, your product and yourself by:

Adding pages
Adding links
Configuring website navigation

Adding and editing Pages

To add a page, go to Pages & links Tab, and click Add page

After the page is created, you can start working on its content right away.

We'd recommend you expanding the Editor for a better writing experience. The Editor supports Markdown.

Expand Editor by clicking the button

The expanded Editor

There you can easily edit your content, and add blockquotes, links, images, tables, and insert a code block:

And you can import your Notion pages.

After all the changes are done, close the Editor and save the changes.

In the same Tab, you can also manage your page navigation settings.
You can change the page name, page address (the URL), choose the tab where your page will open:

There you can also set the Menu item type. There are three options to choose from:

Choose the way to display your page in the menu

And you can make your page more SEO-friendly by adding a meta tag and meta description.
If you want to hide your page from search engines, just switch on Hide this page from search results:

Optimize your page SEO or make it invisible for search engines

To add a link, go to the Pages & links Tab and click Add a link button.

Change the menu item name, paste the URL, and make other changes:

If you are providing a link to a map, or a form, etc, you can choose Popup option in Open link in menu drop-down:

Set the menu item type:

And save the changes.

Configuring website navigation

After you added new pages and links, you can configure your website navigation.

First, you need to set up a global header. To do that, go to the Design Tab and toggle on Show header

Close the Tab to see how your website looks like:

Our navigation elements

You can change the elements order in the Pages & links Tab by dragging and dropping the items.

Drag and drop the elements to switch their places

There you can also manage your pages: edit, duplicate, delete and hide them from website menu (and show them in the menu again).

Click the gear icon to see the options in drop-down menu

Set the menu item type of each page and link the way you like it:

There are three ways to display the menu items

In the Design Tab you can enable Compact menu to get a cleaner look:

Click the Menu icon to see all the navigation elements:

For more information on setting up the header, please refer to this article.

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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