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SEO settings

Websites made on SpreadSimple are SEO-friendly and indexed by search engines.
You can manage your website SEO settings in the Settings TabSEO

In this article we're going to cover the following:

What you can do to set up SEO for your website and get great results:
Upload Favicon and a Preview (og:image)
Add meta title and meta description to your page
Complete the full list of all the available SEO options

How Long Does It Take Google to Index a New Site?
What you can do to make Google Index Faster
How to hide your website from search engines

Btw, we recommend connecting a custom domain. This will also improve your SEO results. For more information on custom domains, please refer to this article.

Upload Favicon and Preview

Upload your Favicon:

You can upload your own preview or choose one from Unsplash royalty-free pictures.

Add meta title and meta description

Well written and appealing meta tags and meta description can attract more users to your website from the search engine results.
You can paste them here:

Place them as a plain text

What other SEO options are available

There are plenty of SEO options available at the moment. We challenge you to complete this full list and get great SEO results 😉

Add meta tags for your details pages.
Optimize your images and add image alt tags.
Add header and footer that will have internal links.
Disable show details as popup. This way there will be more cross links.

Use URL aliases for categories.
Set up Google Search Console. Google Search Console is a free web service that helps to monitor and optimize a website's presence in Google Search results. Adding your website to the Search Console will help to index it faster. And there are a lot of other advantages.

We'd also like to recommend you:

Create unique Titles.
Use unique descriptions with a good amount of key words.
Have one image for cards. One image is always indexed better than a gallery.

How long it takes Google to Index a new site

Unfortunately, there's no exact answer to that question. It varies between 4 days and 4 weeks, though some people claim it was less than 4 days (or even over 6 months!). No one can tell how much time Google web crawlers need to do their job, but there are definitely ways to speed up the indexing process.

What you can do to make Google indexing faster

Add your website to Google Search Console.
Add Google Analytics to your website (Inject custom code in the Settings Tab).
Share the website link on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media: write posts, add the link to your profile.
Share the link on websites with high traffic like Reddit, Quora, and relevant blogs.

Hide your website from search engines

If you want to disallow search engines to see your website, just enable this option in the SEO menu.

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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