How to configure images

First, ensure you have an image column (or multiple columns) on your Google Sheet, and proper column mapping in the SpreadSimple.

You can have one or multiple image columns
You can configure image column mapping on the Content tab

To display images on your website, SpreadSimple needs a link to an image file hosted online. E.g: or

The links to images should be put as text to the corresponding cells under the image column in your Google Sheet.

Where do I get image links?

You should either upload images to a hosting service or use a link to an existing image.

Let's review several services that help to upload and host images.

Please, respect the terms of use of third-party services you use for image hosting


Imgur is the most popular image hosting service on the web.

Go to and upload your image
Right-click on the uploaded image and click "Copy Image Address"

Imgur + Image Uploader Chrome extension
A much simpler way is to use Image Uploader Chrome extension

It takes a few seconds to get an image link

Visit and click Choose images to upload your image
Copy Direct link URL

Visit and click Choose images to upload your image
Select the 'Embed codes' tab and copy the 'Image URL'

Image requirements

Please note that your images should be in a square aspect ratio (the height must be equal to the width), e.g. 400x400px.

If you are planning to enable Item Details Pages, we recommend that your images are 600x600 pixels at least, so the page looks good.

We do not recommend to use large images as it may affect the website performance, specially the loading speed.

How to resize an image

Here are a few links to online editors where you can resize your images:

Or you can use any of the desktop photo editors of your choice.

Can I have rectangular images?

Yes! Other aspect ratios can be used by adding custom CSS.
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