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Customizing Order form fields

In this help article we will show how you can customize your default order form fields and add new ones.

Customizing the default form fields

To customize your order form fields, go to the Checkout Tab -> Form Fields

There is a list of default form fields:

You can edit their labels, make them required or optional, or disable them.

To enable a field, click on the gear icon and select Enable.

And to edit the default fields, click on gear icon -> Edit and you will see the field settings:

As you can see, there're several options to customize the form field.

You can:

Add Default value which will be displayed in the field by default (this field is optional, meaning you don't need to change it unless you want to)

Change the Label of that field:

Add a Placeholder or a Hint for your customers (these are optional, you don't need to change them unless you want to)

Select the necessary field width option to set how this field will be displayed on the order form

Set Validation rules for this field. This way the field won't be considered complete until a certain criterion (or several criteria) is met. For example, to make a field required you need to select Required in the list of validation rules.

You can also customize the Error message that will be displayed if your customer leaves the field blank:

To remove the validation rule, just click on the x button:

After you've made all the necessary changes, click on Save.
Congrats! You've customized your form field!

Adding custom fields

To add a custom field, click on the Add custom field button

And then configure the field settings:

Select Field type. There are 11 available options to choose from: text, email, number, select, multiselect, radio, checkbox, long text, date, time and description (this comes with markdown support).

Enter the field Label.

Add Placeholder, Hint and Default value. These settings are optional, so you don't have to use them if you don't need them for your case.

Set Field system name.

After you enter the field label, the field system name will be generated automatically based on your field label so you can just keep the suggested name.

You can change that name if you want to, but please note that it should be unique and it should contain only Latin letters with no spaces (in ASCII code). The system field name is very important for the checkout process so make sure it's configured correctly.

Define the field width.

Set validation rule for this field (e.g., make this field required) and customize the error message if needed.

After the field settings are configured, click on Add.

Congrats! You've customized your order form field! And you can add as many custom fields as you need for your use case.

Quick Tip: after you've added new custom fields, update your order receipt so that it includes your custom fields replacing tags (you can see the tag below the field system name in the field settings). This way your customers will be able to see this information on their receipt. Same will work for Whatsapp and ECA add-ons.

Copy the replacing tag

Add the replacing tag to the receipt email template

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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