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Setting up Promo codes

In this help article we will explain how you can create and configure promo codes — the feature that will allow to offer your customers items or a certain group of items at discount.

Enable promo codes

Go to the Checkout Tab -> Promo codes menu and switch on the Enable promo codes toggle.

Once the promo codes are enabled, you will immediately see a new dedicated field in your checkout form.

Configure a promo code

To create a new promo code, click on the +Add promo code button

Then you will be able to configure your promo code by filling in the settings fields:

Into the Code field type in the code which is the combination of letters and numbers that your customers will need to enter during checkout. Please note, the code сan contain only Latin letters and numbers with no spaces but you can use dash - or underscore _.

In the Discount type menu, select one of the available discount options:

Select - to reduce the order subtotal by a specific amount, for example, $10

Select % to reduce the order subtotal by a certain percentage, for example, 15%

Select Shipping discount (%) if you want to offer free shipping or shipping at discount. Please note, that only certain percentage (e.g. 50%) can be set for promo codes for shipping.

Enter the necessary value into the Discount value field and enter the number of times that promo code can be used to the Usage limit

This means your order amount will be reduced by 15% after applying the promo code and can be applied no more than 100 times

Select Code expiration date and time (time will be set in user's local time zone).
In this example, the promo code will automatically expire on March 31st at 12 PM

Also, you can define which items your discount will be applied to. If you want it to work for all the items, leave the * (asterisk) in the field, click on the Add button and save the changes.

Now we can see our promo code in the list, and we can also see how many times it was applied:

You can edit or/delete your promo code any time

And we can see our Subtotal reduced once the promo code is applied on site

Setting up promo code only for a certain group of items

Please note that this option won't be available for shipping discount!

You can define the group (or category) of items the promo code can be applied to.

To do that, you need to make sure one of the columns in your Google Sheet is mapped to the SKU element in the Content Tab.

Then, in your promo code settings, you can enter the SKUs of the items that you want to offer on the discount.
You can add several SKUs separated by commas:

This way, the promo code will be applied only to those items if they’re added to the cart:

Or you can use regex functionality (*) and add not the entire SKU value, but only a certain part of it. This way you can select a group of items without adding all their SKUs to the field.

For example, if you have several SKU values that include the word pizza, you can add *pizza* to the SKUs field – this way your promo code will be applied to all the pizzas.

These are our SKU values in the Google Sheets

Please note that regex is case sensitive, so if your SKU includes capital letters, you need to use them in the SKUs field as well. For example, if the SKU in the Sheet is Pizza123, the item won’t be found if you enter pizza* to the SKUs field.

And if the SKU value ends with burger, you can add *burger to the SKUs field and have promo code working for all the burgers.

And after promo code is applied on the order form, all the burgers’ prices are reduced:

Please note, if you are using a promo code that reduces the price by a certain amount, the reduced price can’t be less than 0!

For example, we have a promo code - $15 for burgers:

So if we add a burger that costs $11.99 and we apply our promo code…

… we'll see its price reduced to zero:

And the discount is just - $11.99.

But if we add another burger to the cart or change the quantity of the one that’s already added, the discount will be $15:

Create a promo code for free shipping

If you want to offer your customers a free shipping, you need to create a new promo code, select Shipping discount (%) in the Discount type menu and enter 100 into the Discount value field:

After your customers enter this promo code during the checkout, the shipping fee will be reduced to 0.

Adding promo code information to the email notifications/receipts

To include the applied promo code and discount to the email notifications or email receipts add the following replacement tags to the necessary template in the Checkout Tab:

Applied code: {{promoCodeApplied}}
Total discount: {{totalDiscount}}
Total discount formatted: {{totalDiscountFormatted}}

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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