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How to set up Email Receipts

This feature will let you automatically send your customers their order receipts after the purchase.

Set up Email receipts

In the Checkout Tab go to Email receipts menu and toggle on Enable Email receipts

Basically, that's all you need to do, but there are a few more options to customize the emails that your customers will receive.

Change FROM email

Above the From email field, you can see that we do not recommend changing this address.

The reason why we don't recommend it is that your receipts will be sent from our server and we can guarantee that the receipt will be delivered only if sent from our domain.

When you change the address, the domain doesn't match, and that can make email services very suspicious, which may result in your receipt getting into spam.

Change Receipt Email subject

Just type in your new subject into Receipt Email subject

{{orderId}} will be dynamically replaced by your customers' unique order id.

Customize your receipt template

In the Receipt email template text area, you can add any text that you find necessary. The area has markdown support.
Also, in the template, you can see the following tags:


These are replacement tags and in the receipt, they will be replaced with the corresponding data from the order (customer's name, their email, order ID, total amount, etc).
By adding or removing certain tags, you can define what data your receipt email will contain.

Here's the list of the replacement tags that you can use and their example values:

{{}} John Doe
{{}} 202-555-0192
{{client.message}} Deliver it ASAP
{{orderId}} K8KZPUA
{{cartItemsText}} • 1 × $2.40 \\Spicy unagi \
{{totalAmountFormatted}} $2.40
{{totalAmount}} 2.40

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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