Email notifications

With SpreadSimple you can create a fully functional e-store where your customers can make orders and pay for their purchases.

As soon as a new order is made, you will receive an email notification that will contain the order information (the product, the total price, the order number, the customer information):

You will get the notification right after the order is made

You can set email notifications in the Checkout Tab.

TO email

TO email field requires the address where you'll receive the orders from your customers.

After the changes are saved, you'll get an e-mail every time there's a new order.

New order

FROM email

It is the address where notifications will be sent form. You don't need to change it as it's already set by default.

FROM email is set by default

We do not recommend to change FROM email unless another address is sorely needed for your case. Highly likely, changing this address will lead your notifications to get into spam.

Also, you can change the subject of the notifications you'll be getting.

Automate your workflow

You can automate your order collection with webhooks. They allow you to build a connection between your website and other applications or platforms, so every time there's a new order, you will get a notification, and, also the order information will get into a spreadsheet, a CRM, other address, etc. The list of options is quite long.

Use webhooks to automate your workflow and save tons of time

For instance, we created a free CRM based on Trello and connected it to our furniture store.
Here's the video on how we did it:

For more information on webhooks, please refer to this article.
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