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Setting up Email notifications

With SpreadSimple you can create a fully functional e-store where your customers can make orders and pay for their purchases.

As soon as a new order is made, you will receive an email notification that will contain the order information (the product, the variations, the tax rate, the total price, the order number, the customer information, the selected shipping and payment methods):

You will get the notification right after the order is made

You can set email notifications in the Checkout Tab.

TO email

TO email field requires the address where you'll receive the orders from your customers.

After the changes are saved, you'll get an e-mail every time there's a new order.

You will see this notification after a new order is placed

Customize your notifications

Also, you can change the subject of the notifications:

And the notifications text:

In the Notificataion email template text area, you can add any text that you find necessary. The area has markdown support.
Also, in the template, you can see the following tags:


These are replacement tags and in the notification, they will be replaced with the corresponding data from the order (customer's name, their email, order ID, total amount, etc).
By adding or removing certain tags, you can define what data your receipt email will contain.

And if you added custom order form fields, make sure you include their replacement tags in to your email notification template, otherwise you won't get that information.

Here're some of the replacement tags that you can use and their example values:

{{orderId}} K8KZPUA
{{cartItemsText}} • 1 × $2.40 \\Spicy unagi \
{{taxItemsText}} VAT $ 6.80
{{shippingMethodText}} in-store pickup
{{paymentMethod}} Cash on delivery
{{totalAmountFormatted}} $2.40
{{totalAmount}} 2.40

Include additional product information from columns in Google Sheet

By default, the {{cartItemsText}} tag includes the following information about the items: Title, SKU, Variations, and Price.

If you want to provide more information about the ordered items, you can select which columns to include in the email notification.

To do that, click on the List icon:

Choose the format that you want to display your columns in: you can display them as a list or as a table, and also display quantity and price:

Then select the necessary Sheet columns with the information that you want to include in the email receipts. You can select multiple columns like this:

Make sure you are not including columns that have line breaks and multiple-line content, otherwise they won’t be displayed correctly in the email.

Having selected the necessary columns, you will get a custom replacement tag:

Click on the Insert button and this tag will be inserted in the email receipt template.

If you have selected to display custom columns with Price and Quantity, and also selected the column with titles, you can remove the default {{cartItemsText}} tag so the items won’t be duplicated in the email.

Save the changes and you are all set.

Now after making a purchase, you will get an email notification that will look like this:

Automate your workflow

You can automate your order collection with webhooks. They allow you to build a connection between your website and other applications or platforms, so every time there's a new order, you will get a notification, and, also the order information will get into a spreadsheet, a CRM, other address, etc. The list of options is quite long.
Use webhooks to automate your workflow and save tons of time

For instance, we created a free CRM based on Trello and connected it to our furniture store.
Here's the video on how we did it:

For more information on webhooks, please refer to this article.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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