Step 1. Enable Order Form (Cart)

PayPal Checkout is a part of the shopping cart experience, so first of all, make sure you enabled the 'Order Form' for the action button element.

Enable the order form and cart

Please note that the Price column needs to be formatted as Currency in your Google Sheet!

Step 2. Turn on the PayPal Checkout support

Go to Checkout tab and then Turn on the PayPal Checkout toggle.

Enable PayPal Checkout

Step 3. Get PayPal Client IDs

To go live (Production) you need to create a PayPal business account. You can still use Sandbox in your personal PayPal account to test it out.

Log into the Developer Dashboard with your PayPal account credentials. If you don't have an account, you can click on the sign up option.
On My Apps & Credentials, use the toggle to switch between sandbox and live (production) testing apps.
Navigate to the REST API apps section and click Create App.

Type a name for your app and click Create App. The app details page opens and displays your credentials.

Copy the client ID for your app.

Step 4. Finish the PayPal Checkout Configuration

Select the type of environment and paste the corresponding Client ID from the previous step.
It's better to start with Sandbox and once everything is tested, switch to Live (Production).

PayPal Checkout settings

You also need to select one of the supported currencies. PayPal supports only the listed ones.

You can preview the PayPal checkout now by clicking the Buy button at the website preview window.
Select one of 4 button styles supported by PayPal.

That's all, now click Save and Publish to test the checkout experience on the website.
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