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WhatsApp add-on — orders to chat

Increase your store conversions by allowing your customers to place orders on WhatsApp.

Using this add-on you will allow your customers to start the instant conversation with you right upon order placement.

You will receive the order detail in the first message.

Customize Message template

You can compose the custom message template, just use Data Variables like {{}} and {{cartItemsText}}, these variables to be replaced with actual values from the order data.

Available order data variables

{{}} example value John Doe
{{}} example value 202-555-0192
{{}} example value
{{client.message}} example value Deliver it ASAP
{{orderId}} example value K8KZPUA
{{cartItemsText}} example value • 1 × $2.40 \\| Spicy unagi
{{totalAmountFormatted}} example value - $2.40

Updated on: 05/04/2021

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