Setting up Stripe Checkout

Stripe is a complete payments platform, engineered for growth.

Simplify your integration using Stripe Checkout. It dynamically adapts to your customer’s device and location to increase conversion.

To set up Stripe Checkout follow these steps:

In your Add-ons Tab, click on Stripe card, then turn on Enable toggle.

Insert currency in ISO 4217 code e.g. USD, EUR, etc (you can find your currency code here) and click Save.

In your Stripe dashboard, go to the API keys menu, copy Publishable key and paste it into the Publishable key field in your SpreadSimple dashboard.

Click to copy your Publishable key

Paste the key on the Stripe integration card in SpreadSimple dashboard

Back in API keys menu, copy the Secret key and paste it into your SpreadSimple dashboard. Then click Save.

Click to copy your Secret key

Don't forget to save your changes!

5.. Publish your website.

You can also watch our short video guide on how to set up Stripe Checkout:

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