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Razorpay Checkout

Connect Razorpay Payment Gateway, a system designed to handle end-to-end payments and one of the most popular payment solutions in India.

To set up Razorpay Checkout follow these steps:

In your Add-ons Tab, click on Razorpay card, then turn on Enable toggle:

In your Razorpay Dashboard, go to the API keys menu, generate a new Key and copy Key ID and Key Secret and paste them to the corresponding fields in the Razorpay addon settings.

If you already have an existing Key, you can use it as well. Just copy the Key ID and Key Secret from your Key Details file and paste them to the corresponding fields.

Save the changes and publish your website.

Now your Razorpay Checkout is set up and ready to use.

Please make sure that you disable other payment methods (PayPal, Stripe) before using Razorpay

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Updated on: 11/07/2024

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