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Embedding a Pop-up

Embedding a Pop-up is the easiest way for fast and smooth integration.
Add a link to a form, a PDF, any other service of your choice to your website. The form/ PDF/ the service will be embedded as an iFrame and SpreadSimple will display it in a Pop-up.

How to embed in a pop-up?

Create a column in your source Google Sheet and fill it with the links to the service you want to integrate with your website.
For this example, we're going to add a Google Form to let our customers book an appointment right on the website.

Links to the Google Form
Go to Content Tab, choose Add Button:

Select Embedded link (popup) option:

Map the Google Sheet column containing the links:

5.Change the button Label and color, then press Apply to save all the changes:

Customize the button

Now each card has the Action button that redirects to our Google Form:

Click on the button will redirect to the Google Form

Please keep in mind that not all the websites allow being wrapped as iFrame.

Pro tip: Use the URL, that the service itself uses as an src attribute in the iFrame tag.
For example, for Airtable this will be:

What else can be embedded in a pop-up?

Here are some integration suggestions for you to consider:

Calendly widget for appointment booking
Youtube videos
Embeddable payment forms
Custom forms: Google Forms, Jotforms, Typeform, etc
Social Media posts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc
Share code examples via CodePen or GitHub
Use the Action button to open Google Maps in a pop-up
Use Sheets formulas to build these embed links: populate selected item ID, price, etc

And any other ideas of your own!

Get a simple yet flexible tool providing a smooth experience for your users! 😉

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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