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Site-wide password protection

This feature allows you to hide your website, so only the visitors with the password are able to see your content.

Please note that your users will use the same passwords that you set in your dashboard.

How to set a password

Go to the Settings Tab → Site-wide passwords menu and switch on the Password protection toggle.

Type your password in the Passwords text area.
You can set more than one password, just add a new one from the new line every time.

Save the changes. Now your website can be accessed only after entering the password (or one of the passwords).

Once you change the password and save the changes, the visitor with the old password won't be able to access the website after they refresh the page.

You can also use password protection when your website is already published but still is not finished and you don't want anyone to see it yet.

Protect only your Google Sheet content (cards/listings)

You can hide only the content that comes from your Sheet, if you like.

To do that, in the Side-wide passwords menu switch on the Protect only Sheets content (cards) on.
In this mode, only your cards/listings will be hidden. Please note that your content pages will remain accessible.

This is how the website with hidden content will look like

Customize your password input page text

In the Welcome text area, you can make all the necessary changes and format your text in markdown.

Set Logout Button

You can set the Logout Button in your navigation menu in the header. After clicking on it, the visitor will be logged out of the system and will need to reenter the password

To set Logout:

Go to the Pages&links Tab and click Add link.

Add Menu item title (you can choose any title you want).

Enter logout In the URL field. Do not use another value for this field, otherwise, it won't work

Password protection and search engines

Please note that in the mode Protect only Sheets content (cards) your content will still be indexed by search engines.
But you can hide your website from the search engines in the Settings Tab → SEO.

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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