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External Checkout Action (ECA) Add-on

This add-on allows you to send order form data to an external resource.

This way you can cover the following scenarios after purchase:

- redirect the user to any 'Thank you' page
- as the next step after shopping cart confirmation, direct the user to the custom form and optionally populate the fields of this form with data from the order
- implement an arbitrary checkout process using your own script for payment, delivery, booking. Your script can obtain the state of the cart form and you can manage the mapping of the fields.

Technically, when using this addon, the cart contents and client info are submitted as a <form> to the specified action URL with the specified method: GET or POST.

You're able to map each query param and form-data field of this form by setting up the pairs like

notes=My order: {{cartItemsText}}

where {{}} and {{cartItemsText}} are Data Variables to be replaced with actual values.

Available order data variables

{{}} example value John Doe
{{}} example value 202-555-0192
{{}} example value
{{client.message}} example value Deliver it ASAP
{{orderId}} example value K8KZPUA
{{cartItemsText}} example value • 1 × $2.40 \\| Spicy unagi
{{totalAmountFormatted}} example value - $2.40
{{totalAmount}} example value - 2.40
{{cartItems}} example value [{"title":"Spicy unagi","image":"","priceFormatted":"$2.40"}]
{{client}} example value {"name":"John Doe","phone":"202-555-0192","email":"","message":"Deliver it ASAP"}

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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