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How to set up redirects

The Redirects feature allows you to set up redirection by path for your custom domain.

For example, if you have already indexed your website and then decided to move your website to SpreadSimple, you can use redirects feature to set up redirection from your old page that was already indexed to your new page like this: to

Or set a redirection from one page to another one: to

To set redirect rules

In your website Manage options go to the Settings Tab -> Redirects menu:

Enter the paths from which you want to redirect and to which one in the corresponding fields:

Select status code (the server response code):

301 - Moved Permanently
302 - Moved Temporarily
303 - See Other
307 - Temporary Redirect
308 - Permanent Redirect

Quick tip: Not sure what status code you should use? Leave the default status (301), it should work well in most of the cases

And save the changes.

Please note that you can set redirection only using the path of your custom domain, e.g.
It is not possible to set redirects for SpreadSimple subdomain, e.g. ->

Updated on: 24/04/2023

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