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How to create a website

There are two ways to create a website on SpreadSimple. First way is to use one of our templates and then edit its source Google Sheet. Or you can simply paste your Google Sheets link and get a website that will be automatically generated for you. Whatever way you choose, it won't take more than several minutes

In this help article, we will describe in detail both ways to create a website.

Create a website from a template

If you don't have your content prepared in your Google Sheets yet, or don't want to spend much time on customizing the website, you can start by creating a website from the template.

Log in to your Dashboard and click on the + button

Select one of the templates and click on Use template. You can also view every template before choosing it.

Basically each template is a set of pre-defined settings. All features are available for every template, and each website can be easily customized. You can learn more about the templates here.

In a few moments, your website will be created. You will also get a copy of website's source Google Sheet that you can fill out with your own content. You can also change the source Sheet in the Content Tab.

Change the source Google Sheet

Go to the Content Tab and click on the Change source sheet.

Paste your Google Sheet link and click Submit

After the sheet is changed, you'll need to set the mapping — connect the columns from the Sheet to the card elements, e.g., Title, Price, Image, etc. You can learn more about Mapping your Sheet data to website elements here.

If you already have your content prepared in your Google Sheets, you can create a website by adding your Google Sheets link

Log in to your Dashboard and click on the + button

Copy your Google Sheet link and paste it to the dedicated field:

A tip: By default SpreadSimple uses the first Sheet (tab) in the spreadsheet. If your spreadsheet has multiple sheets and you don't want to use the first one as the data source but want to use another one, make sure that the sheet link ends with #gid=012345678 (this is an example). This gid number identifies which Sheet from the spreadsheet will be opened.

Click Continue and in a few moments a website will be created for you.

Now you can customize the design, the content representation, change the domain and other settings.

Updated on: 15/05/2023

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