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What is a template and how to use it?

In this help article we will share more details on how our templates work.

What is a Template for?

We made templates to give you a starting point.


See something similar to your case? Choose it and get your website right away.
Can't find what you're looking for? It's not a problem. Our templates are pretty flexible and can be customized to serve different needs.

They do not limit the website behavior and you can start with one and make it look like another template. All you need is to change the certain settings.

And you don't need to use one to start creating your website. As it's been said, templates are just to give you a quick start.

Where to find one?

You can see the templates in your Dashboard during the website creation and in the Templates section.

In the section, you can see the list of templates, check their description, the list of features included, and see how the website and the source Google Sheet look like.

Template Info

How to create a website from a template

Click Add.
Choose one of the templates → Use Template.
Wait a few seconds and get a website. Behind the scenes, a copy of spreadsheet is created and sent to you so you can start filling it with your own data.
Customize the design, the content representation, the settings and change the domain.
Save the changes and press Publish.

Can I edit the columns in the Google Sheet?

Yes, you can and we encourage you to make all the changes you find necessary. Customize the columns, change the order, change the column names (e.g. add more item specifications). It's all possible with our templates. Just change the mapping after you've edited the Sheet.

Add new columns, rename the existing ones

Don't forget to change the mapping

For more examples and more information on mapping, please check this help article How to configure and manage your content.

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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