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Setting up Calendly

Calendly is a scheduling automation platform used to book and schedule meetings, appointments, and events for individuals and organizations.

In this help article, we will explain how to add a Calendly pop-up to your website using our add-on.

How to set up Calendly add-on

Sign in to your Calendly dashboard and create a new event or open the existing one.

Copy your event link:

Paste the link or links (in case you have multiple events) into a column in your website source Google Sheet:

Open your SpreadSimple website in the editor and go to the Add-ons Tab -> Calendar.

Open Calendly add-on settings and enable the add-on.

Enable the necessary options, customize the pop-up colors if necessary and save the changes.

Use custom colors to match your website design

Now you can map the column with Calendly links to the one of the Action buttons or Text.

Now after clicking on the button (or link in the description), the users will see a Calendly pop-up where then can schedule a meeting without leaving your website.

This way you can add different links for different items, for example, to schedule meetings with different members of your team.

Add Calendly floating button

Another way to add Calendly pop-up is to add it as a floating button on the home page. To do that, go to the Calendly add-on settings and switch Enable floating button toggle on:

Enter the link to your event, customize the button colors and title, and save the changes.

Now your visitors will be able to schedule a meeting with you by clicking on the button on the home page:

Updated on: 13/03/2024

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