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Adding shipping methods and rates

In this help article, we will show you how to set your shipping methods and shipping cost.

Please note at the moment the shipping cost aren't calculated depending on the items' sizes and weight. You can add only flat shipping rates that will be included in the Total price.

Adding a new shipping method

To add a shipping method, go to the Checkout Tab -> Shipping, fees & payment

Click on the + Add shipping method

Then you need to fill a form:

To the Label field, you add the name of this method that will be displayed on the checkout page, for example, Ship to the delivery address.

Min order means the minimum order amount at which this method will be available for selection. If you want to make the method available for all the orders regardless of the items price, put 0 to the Min order field.

Max order means the order amount at which this shipping option will not be available. You can both fields (min order and max order) to create different price ranges for shipping depending on the order amount. For example, for orders between $1-100, shipping will cost $10; for orders between $101-200 shipping will cost $5, and so on.
This field is optional, so you can just leave it empty.

Value is a flat rate (a fixed amount) for this shipping method.

Please note that Min order, Max order and Value fields are numeric-only, no currency signs are needed (the system will automatically add the same currency sign that is used on the website).

After all the fields are filled, click on Save.

You can add several shipping methods, all of them will be displayed during checkout.

Adding a free shipping option

You can add a method for free delivery (for example, after a certain order amount).

If the order amount (Subtotal) is less than Min order, this option won't be available for selection:

Updating shipping methods

You can edit or delete your existing shipping methods by clicking on the gear icon:

You can also change the order in which the methods appear on the checkout page by dragging them up or down on the shipping methods list:

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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