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Managing Workspace

This feature allows you to share access to your websites with your teammates and colleagues and collaborate with them on your projects.

In this help article, we will show you how to manage your workspace and invite editors.

Invite another user to join your workspace

Basically, your workspace is your websites list.
You can add other users to your workspace by sending them an invite from your Dashboard.

In the workspace settings, you can invite other users to work on your websites – the editors.
You can also change the name of your workspace:

And you can see how many editors your workspace has:

The number of editors depends on your Plan. And if you need to add more editors, you can purchase more editor seats in future.

To send the invitation add the email of your teammates and press Invite Members.

Please note that it should be either Gmail or Google Workspaces (ex GSuite) address! If your teammate don't have a SpreadSimple account, a new account will be created for them during the first time they sign in.

After that, your teammate will get an email with your invitation.

Your teammate should click on Accept invitation button, then they will be redirected to a page on SpreadSimple where they need to click Join button to be added to your workspace.

Now you can see your teammate in the list of editors:

The editor now has access to your workspace and can create and delete websites, downgrade them to Free or upgrade to Pro if the owner has available Pro licenses. The editor can not purchase a Pro license using the owner’s workspace. Only the owner can change the number of licenses in their account and change the billing information.

The editor can switch between the workspaces (the one that you shared access to and their own) in their Dashboard:

this is how the editor can switch between workspaces in their Dashboard

Take over website editing

Only one user can be editing a website at a time. So if your editor (teammate) is working on the website at the moment, you will see their avatar icon on the website card in the Dashboard:

If you want to edit the website yourself and take control over it, click on Manage options, you will see the following options:

If you click Cancel, your teammate will keep editing the website.

If you want to take control over the editing process, click on the Take over button. After that, you will need to wait for your teammate’s confirmation.

At the same time, the person editing the website will be notified:

Once you click on the Take over button, your teammate will see this message in the editor

And they will have two options: to decline or to accept your request.

If your editor clicks Accept, you will immediately get control over the website and your editor won’t be able to save the changes.

If your editor clicks Decline, they will continue editing the website and you will get the following message in your dashboard:

Your teammate will have 60 seconds to make a decision. If they don't respond to this request within 60 seconds, you will automatically get control over the website and all the changes they've made but haven't saved will be lost.

Remove editor from workspace

To remove the editor, go to the Workspace settings.

And click on the dustbin icon and then click Yes.

After that, your teammate will no longer have access to your workspace.

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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