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Subscription plans

In this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions on our subscription plans.

What is the difference between the subscription plans?

Each of the subscription plans offers a different set of features and was designed to fit a

What subscription plan do I need?

That would depend on your use case: what kind of features you need, how many items you are planning to display on your website and whether you need to receive the payments online. You can see the full overview of the new pricing plans on our pricing page.

What is a Bulk Offer?

The Bulk Offer allows you to purchase several websites at a discounted price. The Bulk offer includes all the features from the Connect plan.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Absolutely. You can change your subscription plan in your Billing settings. If you switch between the subscription plans in the middle of your billing cycle, the amount left for the remaining days will be pro-rated (used to pay for the remaining days of the billing cycle on the new plan).

What is the difference between monthly and yearly subscriptions?

Only the billing period is different. With Pro Monthly you will be charged every month, while with Pro Yearly you'll pay only once a year. And the Pro Yearly will save you money by cutting the price by 30%!

Do you have a trial?

Yes! You can try any of the available subscription plans for 14 days to test the paid features and decide whether you want to keep the subscription.

You can start the trial in your Billing settings.

How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay (available in Safari browser).

How many websites do I get?

On SpreadSimple you can create three Free websites and as many websites with paid features as there are licenses in your account. One license equals one website with paid features. To get a license, you need to subscribe to one of the available plans.

Can I change the quantity of the licenses?

Yes, you can change the quantity of your licenses in the Billing Settings of your account. You can add more licenses or cancel some of them.
To do that, go to the billing settings and click on the gear icon. Then select Update Quantity.

Enter the new quantity and click Save.

In the pop-up window, update the number of licenses using - or + buttons, and click OK

Please note that every license added is charged separately according to your billing plan.

How is the billing changed after adding new licenses?

You'll pay only for the days remaining until the end of the current period.

For example, you subscribed to Business Monthly on the 1st of July and paid $19.9. On the 15th of July, you decided to add one more license (upgrade one more website). As soon as you update that in the Billing settings, you'll be charged $9.95 (because there is only half of the month remaining). Then, on the 1st of August, you'll be billed for two licenses (websites), meaning you'll pay $39.8 for two licenses.

Is the license tied to a certain website?

No, having as many licenses as you need you can manage them the way you want. You can upgrade and downgrade any website of yours, and apply the license to different websites depending on your needs.

Upgrade or downgrade your websites any time you need

Please remember that 1 license = 1 website with paid features.

Will my website be deleted if I cancel my subscription?

No, it will be just downgraded to Free eventually. Only you can delete your website.

Does downgrading a website mean canceling my subscription?

Actually, no. After downgrading, your subscription remains, so you can apply the license you have to another website.

Will the website be downgraded right after the subscription cancellation?

No, if you cancel your subscription, the website will keep the features till the end of the billing period. For example, if you subscribed to Business Annual on the 1st of August 2024, then after you cancel the subscription, the Business features will work on the website before the 1st of August 2025.

Is there a refund?

Yes, we have 14 days money-back guarantee. After that period, if you decide to cancel your subscription you'll be charged according to the number of days passed since your subscription.

Thank you for using SpreadSimple! Your support means a lot! 💙

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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