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Website quantity limitation

Each workspace has an individual website limit and can create 3 Free websites and as many Pro websites as there are Pro licenses.

In this help article, we will explain in detail how this limitation works.

What is my website quantity limit? How many websites can I have?

Basically, the default limit for a workspace (account) is 3 Free websites. Each Pro license increases this limit by 1 more website. For example, if you have 2 Pro licenses you can have 5 websites in your workspace: 3 Free websites and 2 Pro ones. Or just 5 Free websites – this is up to you.

You will be able to see your limit in your workspace:

What will happen if I exceed the website quantity limit?

If you exceed the limit (for example, after you cancel a Pro license), one of your Free websites will be archived. The system will automatically select which website to archive from your existing Free websites based on the date last modified. The Pro websites will not be archived.

What is an archived website?

An archived website is a website with restricted access to the settings. The archived website is available for all visitors at its address (if it was published) but it is not available for editing. This means you won’t be able to open it in the website editor and change the website settings. You will be able to edit its source Google Sheet, but synchronization between the Sheet and the website will be stopped, so the changes in the Google Sheet will no longer be reflected on the archived website.

After the website quantity limitation is released and applied to your account, you will be able to filter your archived websites (of course, only if the number of Free websites is exceeded in your workspace).

How to unarchive/restore a website after it was archived?

To unarchive (restore) a website, first make sure that you haven’t reached the limit of websites in your workspace. If it is reached and you already have three Free websites, delete one of them. Or add another Pro license to increase the limit of available websites in your workspace.

After that, click on the three dots menu on the archived website’s card and click on Unarchive.

The website will be unarchived and you will restore access to its settings.

What can I do to create a new website after I reach the limit?

After you reach your website quantity limit, there are two options:

Delete one of your existing websites.
Add more Pro licenses in your Billing settings to increase.

Then you will be able to create a new website in your workspace again.

Updated on: 10/07/2023

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