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Adding taxes and fees

In this help article, we'll explain how to add taxes and various fees to your checkout.

Adding a tax or a fee

To add a tax or fee, go to the Checkout Tab -> Shipping, fees & payment

Click on the + Add new fee button.

Then you will see a form that you need to fill out to add a new tax, fee, agent commission, etc:

To the Label field, you add the name of the tax or fee that will be displayed on the checkout page/pop-up.

In Type dropdown you need to select a type of calculation to apply. There are two types of calculations possible:

+ to add a certain flat rate (a fixed amount) to the order total price;
% to add a certain percent of order subtotal (all items' cost).

Value defines the number of percents or the flat rate value that will be added to the order total price.

You can add several taxes or fees, or commissions depending on your use case.

To edit or delete the tax/fee you've added select it from the list and click on the gear icon:

You can also change the order they appear on the checkout page/receipt by dragging them up or down the list:

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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