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Cart settings

In this help article, we will explain how to set up your cart.

To see the full list of cart settings go to Checkout Tab -> Cart settings menu. There you can define the way your cart will look on your website and customize the wording.

Setting Cart view

There are two options to display the cart on your website: as a popup or as a separate page.

With the popup option selected, your cart will look like this:

And you can also set it up to be displayed as a separate page. That page will have URL like so make sure you don't have other pages on your website that end with /checkout to avoid any possible conflicts.

You can also set your cart to be displayed as a preview:

With this preview mode on, after clicking on the cart icon, your customer will be able to see the cart content on the right side of the website:

This is how visitors will see the cart preview on your website

Setting action on adding item to cart

Now you can choose what will happen after your customer adds an item to the cart:

Open Checkout option will make the checkout page (or checkout popup) open every time a new item is added.

Open preview option will open the cart preview when a new item is added. Please note this option is available only if you enabled Show cart preview.

And if you select Do nothing, the checkout page (or popup) will not open after your customer clicks on the button, only an item will be added to the cart.

Customizing Cart texts

In the Cart settings you can also customize all the titles and texts that are displayed on the checkout page/popup as well as the success message that is shown to your customer after successfully completed checkout.

We encourage you to customize the texts in any way that suits the needs of your use case.

You can also customize your order form fields. To learn more about changing the form fields, please visit this help article -> Customizing Order form fields.

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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