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Changing Route URL

In this article, we will show you how to change the URLs of your details pages.

But first,

What is Route URL for?

Each details page has its own unique address (URL) that looks something like this:

The re-02 part is a unique identifier for the page called a URL slug. It is defined by the column in your Google Sheets mapped to Route URL. The system takes the corresponding values from the cells and adds them after /item/ — the base path that is common for all the details pages.

Once you enable details pages, the Route URL and the Base path are set by default, but you can define them yourself in any way that works best for your case. For example, you can change /item/ to /job/ or /vacancy/ if you are building a job board and so on.

How to change Route URL

Go to the Content Tab -> Details page menu.

In the Route URL menu dropdown, select the column that will define your details pages URL. For example, you can use a column that has names or item titles.

Make sure that the column mapped to Route URL has distinct values (values that don't repeat). If the values repeat, the system will take only the first one and will ignore the rest, and that will cause confusion.

For our example we use ID column because it's the only column with values that don't repeat

How to change Item Route base path

Go to the Content Tab -> Details page menu.

Type in the necessary value into the Base path for detail pages field. This value will be used as the base path for all your details pages.
You need to use Latin letters and also you can add numbers, dashes, and underscores.

And don't forget to save the changes!

And this is how the details page URL looks like now:

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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