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How to set Stock limitation

This feature will allow you to set a stock limit so your customers won't be able to purchase more items than there are in stock or the items that are out of stock.

Please note that this feature does not update the quantity of stock after every purchase. It just sets a certain limit. Stock management is still to be done on your side.

How to set a stock limit:

In your Google Sheet create a column (e.g. Quantity or Stock) that will have number of each item in stock or the number of items you will allow for one purchase.

In your Content Tab, toggle on Enable stock limitation

Map your column with stock quantity to the Stock column

Customize Out of Stock button label, if necessary

If the stock column has zero value, the buy button label will change into Out of stock label. You can change that label in the corresponding field.

If the stock column has zero value the action button will open this link.
Leave it empty to make the button disabled for zero stock. Or provide a link for redirection.

If you want to redirect to a page that is on your website, insert /page-url

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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