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Related Items

In this help article, we are going to explain how you can add related items to the details pages.

How it works

Using this feature, you can offer your visitors more items or content that may seem interesting or relevant to them. The related items will be displayed below the main item on the details page like this:

The "related item" card will have the same elements as on the main page.

In the Content Tab, go to the Details page settings and scroll down the menu.

Switch on the Related Items toggle.

You can change the way the related items are presented on the page.

Customize the title of this section:

Change card style and size:

Set the number of items to display:

Specify which items to display

You can specify which items will be displayed on the details pages. There are three options available:

Random items
By Category
Selected SKU

Random Items means that the items displayed in related items section will be randomly picked by the system. They will also change every time after a refresh.

By Category option will allow you to display items with the matching characteristics.

To set it up, select By category option and then choose a column from your Google Sheet that contains values that repeat for several items. If you select a column with unique values, the related items section will remain empty.

For example, you can map the Color columns to the Category:

And on the page, there will be only the items of the same color.

With the third option, Selected SKU, you can manually specify which items will be displayed on the details page of the particular item. To set it up, do the following steps:

Make a column with unique values to SKU element in the Content Tab -> Item list. Make sure each item has its own unique value listed in this column.

Create a new column in your Sheet, give it a name, and then fill it in with the SKU values of the items that you want to offer in the related items section: You can enter several values separated by a comma.

Don't forget to refresh your Sheet in the Content Tab after you've finished editing your Sheet.

Select the column with related items' SKUs in the Related SKU column dropdown menu.

Now on this details page, your customers will see the items you specified in the Sheet:

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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