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Adding Sitemap

This short guide will show you how to add your website sitemap in a few simple steps.

How it works

The sitemap is a built-in feature (unlike an add-on) and is enabled by default for every website, so no actions need to be taken — it is already available.

The sitemap content is generated automatically based on the content of the Google Sheets if the details pages are enabled. Also it includes content pages and the home page.

And it respects the SEO and password protection options: if you switch off the SEO indexation or turn the site-wide password on, the sitemap won’t list your inner pages.

Get your website Sitemap URL

Your sitemap is available here: your website URL/sitemap.xml, for example:

This XML file is your sitemap

And as usual, you can see the full sitemap URL listed in the robots.txt.

Adding your sitemap to Google Search Console

Log in to your Google Search Console and go to Sitemaps

Enter your sitemap URL (you can just add /sitemap.xml to your website URL)

Click Submit

Congrats! You've submitted your sitemap successfully!

The number of discovered URL shows the number of pages on your website (this includes details pages and content pages)

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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