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In this help article, we will show you how to use sensitive columns to set up digital downloads and securely sell your digital products on your SpreadSimple website.

Please note that SpreadSimple doesn’t store your digital files.

But you can upload them to a file hosting service (you can also use Google Drive or Dropbox for this purpose) and paste the links to your Google Sheet column.

Make sure that the column with links doesn’t have line breaks. Otherwise, the links may not be correctly displayed in the email receipts.

This step will help you to ensure that your links will stay secure and not accessible on the website.

To protect the privacy of this column, go to the Content Tab and select the column in the Hide columns in Public mode:

This will ensure that the link will not be displayed anywhere on your website, even if mapped to one of the elements.

Now we need to make sure that your customers will be able to receive the links after the purchase.

To do that, go to the Checkout Tab -> Email receipts and enable Email receipts.

Change the necessary information such as Receipt sender name, Email subject, etc.

Then scroll down to to the Receipt email template text area and click on the List icon to include the columns from your Sheet into the email template:

Select the column with links from the list:

This will create the replacement tag that will be replaced with the product link in the email sent after the purchase:

Click on the Insert button and the replacement tag will be added to the email template.
You can move the tag to another place in the message template but make sure the tag is present.

Customize the template if necessary and save the changes.

Now your customers will be able to get the links to your digital products in the email receipt after making the purchase:

You can learn more about customizing email receipts here

Updated on: 24/04/2024

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